Seeking Hecksher’s family

In seeking members of Henry Hecksher’s family to speak to, I found an obituary for his sister-in-law, Roxanne Sanossian Heckscher, in the Princeton Town Topics.

The second wife of William S. Heckscher, she died on December 18, 2013, in Princeton, New Jersey. She is listed as survived by:

… by her daughter, Charlotte — who is so full of admiration for her mother — and by her grandchildren, Omar and Leila Moustafa, of Princeton; stepdaughters Diana Mitchell, of London, and Kathy Heckscher, of Amsterdam; and step-grandchildren, Andrew Mitchell, of Barcelona, and Fiona Mitchell, of London; son and daughter-in-law, Mahmoud Moustafa and Shaimaa Amin, and their son Ahmed, of East Windsor.

Now, it’s time to write a letter to Charlotte.

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