Timeline for The Station Chief (under construction)

As we research the life of former CIA officer Henry Hecksher, I’ll continue updating this timeline. The sections here correspond with the categories used in this blog.

Pre-war Germany


September 21: Hecksher is born in Hamburg, Germany. His name is Heinrich Gustav Adolf Detlev Heckscher.


Brother William Heckscher receives his doctorate in art history at University of Hamburg.


William Heckscher leaves Germany and takes up a visiting faculty position at Princeton University.

New home in the US


Hecksher is living in London.

February 1: Hecksher receives a US visa in London.

March 10: He departs London on the S.S. American Banker.

March 20: He emigrates to the US, arriving in New York on the S.S. American Banker.

September 8: Hecksher files papers declaring his intent to become an American citizen. He lives in Princeton, New Jersey.


April 1: Census takers find Hecksher in New York as a lodger.


May 19: Hecksher becomes a US citizen.

Word War II


Hecksher takes part in the Normandy invasion. He is injured in Antwerp.

Post-war Germany


Hecksher was named head of counterintelligence in Berlin for the OSS.

Berlin Operating Base


March 14: Hecksher arrives in New York.

Laos, Japan, Indonesia, etc

We have a lot of gaps to fill in here.



While Hecksher is station chief in Santiago, the CIA spends some $8 million in an effort to thwart the election of Socialist Salvador Allende.

November: Hecksher is replaced as station chief in Santiago.



Hecksher retires.


Hecksher lives in Princeton, New Jersey.

March 28: He dies in a hospital in Princeton from complications of Parkinson’s disease.

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